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What is an excavator power pack? It is simply a self contained auxiliary power unit designed to run a stand alone hydraulic system. By adding a power pack to an excavator you can greatly increase the performance of the machine and reduce stress to critical components on the base carrier. On a typical power pack the engine has a great deal more horsepower than the base carrier allowing for a large volume and high pressure circuit to be added to the machine independently. This will allow for a cooler running system, better multi functioning because the machine isn’t flow sharing and greater production because the system can achieve greater flow than the base carrier. We offer power packs starting at 74hp and go larger depending on customer needs.




In this model we offer 74hp Kubota V3307 engine, why 74hp? That keeps us under the emissions law for requiring us to use DEF & DPF so there is no exhaust fluid or regen to the system. We pair the engine with a proven Linde 55cc hydraulic pump, high pressure filtration and a stand alone cooler for a reliable and powerful unit.